Hover-1 Electric Scooter

How Fast Does a Hover-1 Electric Scooter Go?

The Hover-1 electric scooter is a great choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and speedy way to travel. With a top speed of 20 mph, the Hover-1 electric scooter can get you where you need to go quickly and without harming the environment.

Additionally, the Hover-1 electric scooter is very lightweight and easy to carry, making it a great option for those who want a mode of transportation that is both fast and convenient.

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Hover-1 E-Scooter Specs

The Hover 1 electric scooter features a light, easy-to-carry 26-pound foldable frame with a 350w brushless motor that enables riders to go up to 21.7 miles per hour.

It also enables the scooter to easily pull hills up to 15-degrees, while the high-traction 10-inch front wheel and 10.5-inch rear wheel ensure a comfortable ride.

The scooter even provides an effortless ride on flat surfaces due to its electronic throttle.

Meanwhile, the high-quality, certified 36 V Li-ion battery powers the unit up to 11 miles on a single 5-hour charge, which you can track using the battery life indicator on the front panel.

It also includes plenty of safety features, including a disc brake for ultra-quick, skid-free stopping and LED headlights and rear brake lights for safe riding at night.

The Hover-1 e-scooter is also tested and certified safe for adults and teens up to 220 pounds.

Hover-1 motorized scooter specs differ from model to model. Still, they all feature the same basic quality features that the company is known for, including a powerful brushless motor capable of climbing moderate to steep inclines, large, grip tires for a more stable and comfortable ride, and an electronic throttle for effortless riding on flat surfaces.

Their scooters also include a long-lasting lithium battery, certified safety features, and a durable, lightweight frame for easy carrying and packing into your vehicle’s trunk.

However, each model differs in its weight capacity, motor watts, speed, battery capacity/mile range, and additional features, such as cruise control, LCD display, and more, for a more personalized ride.

Hover-1 Scooter Speed

Hover-1 e-scooters also differ in speed based on the model.

However, the Hover-1 e-scooter offers the fastest speed at 21.7 miles per hour and an 11.2-mile range for a fun and exciting ride for teens and adults up to 220 pounds.

The Hover-1 Alpha and the Alpha Pro e-scooters come in at a close second fastest with a top speed of 18 mph. However, the Alpha has a 12-mile range per charge, and the Alpha Pro has an 18-mile range per charge.

Meanwhile, the Hover-1 Escape scooter provides a more moderate speed of 16 mph and a 9-mile range.

And the Hover-1 Highlander, the Highlander Pro, and the Hover-1 Blackhawk e-scooters all boast a top speed of 15 mph. However, the Highlander provides a 9-mile range per charge, the Highlander Pro provides an 18-mile range per charge, and the Hover-1 Blackhawk provides the highest mile range per charge of up 38-miles.

The Hover-1 Aviator e-scooter also boasts a top speed of 15mph for a 9-mile range; however, the Hover-1 Rally scooter may be the slowest of their e-scooters with a top speed of only 12mph and a 7-mile range, followed by the Hover-1 Journey e-scooter at just 14mph and a 16-mile range.

They also offer kid scooters, such as the Hover-1 Switch Kids e-scooter/skateboard, which boasts a top speed of 9mph and a 6-mile range.

Meanwhile, the Hover-1 Flare e-scooter for kids has a top speed of 8mph and a 3-mile range, and the Comet e-scooter, which is another one of their popular kids’ scooters, has a top speed of 10mph and a 5-distance per charge.

They also offer the Ziggy folding kick scooter for children under 5. However, since it is a kick scooter, your small child is able to control their own speed for maximum safety.

So when choosing a Hover-1 e-scooter based on speed, first determine who will be riding it, where they will be riding it, and what they will be riding it for to help determine the best electric scooter for you.

Hover-1 E-Scooter Price

Hover-1 e-scooters begin at just $249 for a basic teen/adult scooter, such as the Rally e-scooter; however, they increase in price as the design and features improve.

The Escape, Aviator, and Journey provide the next best affordable prices at $249, $299, and $327, respectively.

The Hover-1 Highlander is also a budget-friendly choice at $299; however, the Highlander Pro, which also includes a display, light effects, 3 ride modes, and cruise control, starts at $499.

The Hover-1 electric scooter is also moderately priced at just under $400; however, it is also their fastest e-scooter model.

Then we move into their more elaborate models, which include the Hover-1 Alpha at $499. However, it comes with a 450w motor, 30-cell lithium battery, LCD display, built-in suspension, and Bluetooth speaker.

Meanwhile, the Alpha Pro, which includes all the same features as the Alpha model in addition to LED deck lighting, an LED headlight, and pneumatic wheels, starts at $579.

The Hover-1 Blackhawk is also one of their more expensive models at $698; however, it also includes technologically advanced features that enable it to provide the most extended mile range at 28 miles per charge.

Hover-1 kids e-scooters begin at $179 for the Comet e-scooter, and the more elaborate Switch Kids E-Scooter/Skateboard starts at $298 for its 2-in-1 capabilities that enable kids to do it all. The Flare e-scooter for kids also offers a budget-friendly choice at $179.

In the end, choose an e-scooter that fits both your needs and your budget for maximum value.


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