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Halo Beast Board: Is it worth it a smart choice

There’s no doubt that the Halo Board Beast is a great electric skateboard. It has a powerful motor and great range and is built to last. But is it the right choice for you?

If you’re looking for an electric skateboard that can do it all, the Halo Board Beast is a great option. It’s powerful enough to handle rough terrain and hills, yet still agile and responsive for carving and cruising. It’s also one of the most durable electric skateboards on the market, so you know it can take a beating.

The Halo Board Beast is a great choice for anyone who wants an electric skateboard that can do it all. Here’s a quick buying guide and everything you need to learn about this e-skateboard.

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What is the Beast Board Electric Skateboard?

source: haloboard.com

The Beast Electric Skateboard is featured as the new and improved version of the Halo 2, which many users also loved; however, it suffered a few flaws that the makers have since resolved with the production of the Beast Halo Skateboard.

Fans of the Halo 2 will also be happy to know that, despite its boost in performance, power, and durability, the Beast still retains all the good features that made the Halo 2 so stellar.

Features and Specifications

The new and improved Halo Electric Skateboard boasts a top speed of 26 mph and a 25-mile range via its 3200W motor and 10.4Ah fast charging 4 to 5-hour battery. The battery is also Certified Firesafe Lithium-Ion for added safety.

It also weighs 23 pounds, which is a bit heavier than its predecessor, but still suitable for riders up to 286 pounds to easily maneuver and transport.

Design and Construction

Probably the most exciting upgrade to the Halo Beast Board is the new and improved double Kingpin Ultra-Carve truck that provides users with better stability and handling when riding and taking sharp turns for a more thrilling ride.

Its new look is also more stylish than the Halo 2, with its maple deck and carbon fiber battery pack that makes it stand out.

The deck’s maple material is also more durable and steadfast to handle the roughest excursions with ease.

The deck is also a bit longer at 37 inches compared to the previous 36 inches on the Halo 2, which also makes for a better ride. In fact, users can expect an overall smoother ride and more stable performance.

Meanwhile, the bigger 97mm wheels also lend to a smoother ride by providing greater ground clearance. However, they’re not so large that they prevent the board from being low enough for superior handling and fast turning.

As stated earlier, the weight of the Halo Skateboard has also increased due to the addition of more durable materials; however, the bulkier frame strikes a perfect balance between weight and performance without distracting from its range and power.

Speed and Range

Another exciting new feature of the Beast Board is its increased 26mph speed, which is thanks to the DualDirect Drive brushless motor system.

The powerful motor also makes tackling inclines up to 25% much easier, while most other boards with more power and torque are only capable of tackling inclines at 20%.

However, range is where the Halo Beast really shines in its class due to its 10.5Ah batteries, which power the skateboard up to a 25-mile range.

It also has a regenerative braking system, which means the batteries are also constantly recharging as you ride for an even greater mile range. But, in general, it takes the battery 5 hours to fully charge, which may be short or long depending on the situation.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Users can also use the Bluetooth remote control to customize their riding experience by choosing their preferred speed.

The lowest mode offers the easiest and most comfortable speed, which is great for beginners or those just looking to cruise their local area, while the highest mode allows you to enjoy a faster riding experience.

Safety Features

The Beast electric board is also not without its share of updated safety features due to its powerful new design.

In fact, the manufacturer has taken several steps to improve user safety when riding the skateboard, including ensuring the charger and battery are certified to meet strict standards.

The board’s added protective measures, coupled with your safe responsibility as a rider, help prevent hazards while operating the Beast Skateboard for the most confident experience.


  • It has a lightweight frame.
  • It contains a powerful motor.
  • It boasts a fast speed of 26mph.
  • It can easily tackle inclines up to 25%.
  • It’s easy to operate and maneuver.


  • It can take up to 5 hours to charge the battery, which may not be feasible in certain situations.

Who is the Halo Board Beast For?

The Beast skateboard was designed to improve upon the Halo 2. Therefore, it can be a great option for those looking to swap out their Halo 2 for a better experience.

It’s also a suitable option for users looking for a more cost-saving and eco-friendly way to commute due to its long-range capability.

Meanwhile, its high-speed motor makes for a more thrilling commute.

Users can also purchase the optional all-terrain wheels, which are available separately, for skateboarding off-roads. However, the board is still capable of handling moderately rugged terrains with its original tires.

The manufacturer stresses that the board, however, is not suitable for kids but instead for teen and adult riders.


If this Halo Board Beast review has shown anything, it’s that the new Beast Halo board is designed to supersede the expectations of the Halo 2 skateboard, let alone any board in its category, which makes it worth buying. This is especially true if you are a fan of the Halo 2.

In fact, its longer than average range and speed alone provide users with greater versatility to use the board however they want, while its steep incline capability and
hefty tires make it possible to ride where you want, so it’s definitely a smart buy.

Meanwhile, the regenerative battery system allows the rider to benefit from an even longer range by continuously recycling energy to the battery each time they brake, which also adds to its value.

Safety is also important when operating the board around bustling pedestrians or even on busy roads when you must, so the board’s 3-speed options also make it a smart choice.

The battery safety measures added to the board also help prolong its life, which helps ensure you get your money’s worth and provides you with greater confidence when replenishing its power.

However, if it’s one aspect the company could improve upon, it would be the 5-hour battery charge time.


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