Best Electric Skateboards With One Wheel

Best Electric Skateboards With One Wheel

Onewheel, which is the original one-wheeled electric skateboard created by the company Future Motion, tops the list for best electric skateboard, with their Onewheel Pint and Onewheel +XR models being the most popular. We will see why and help you determine which is the best fit for you later.

However, in the meantime, here are a few alternatives that come in at a close second to the Onewheel for their affordability, design, and performance, which also makes them a suitable choice.

In this Guide:

Top 4 Best Electric Skateboards With One Wheel

SurfWheel SU

The Surfwheel SU is the second most popular best e-skateboard to the Onewheel, so it warrants being mentioned in our lineup.

It features a design similar to the Onewheel with LED lights on the front and rear; however, there is also one long LED light strip on the side rails and an LED light on the wheel well of the board for greater visibility at night.

It also features smaller tires for maximum ground clearance and a front pad with a rubber pressure surface for better grip, balance, and ride comfort.

However, it only boasts a top speed of 12 mph and a 10-mile range, which makes it more suitable for simply cruising the neighborhood on smooth pavement or for a bit of outdoor family fun on a seasonably beautiful day.

Users can also check their riding mode, current speed, trip odometer, and battery level via the onboard app.

LTXtreme Viro Rides Freestyle Hoverboard U12272

VIRO Rides Free-Style Hoverboard

The LTXtreme Viro Rides Freestyle Hoverboard U12272 is a self-balancing e-skateboard that makes it easier to ride with one wheel.

Meanwhile, the anti-slip footpads keep you from falling, especially when turning to either side, for added stability.

It also includes LED lights, so you can safely ride at night, and you can also purchase skins separately to change the look.

Users can also go up to 7 miles per hour and as far as 6.5 miles on the board, and it also includes a digital monitor to check the battery level and speed.

It also suits riders up to 220 pounds and has Bluetooth connectivity for those looking to get creative with their e-skateboard while enjoying their favorite songs.


Sk8one one wheel electric skateboard

The Sk8Once e-skateboard with one wheel includes various high-tech features, like unidirectional free riding style and gyro scoping balancing technology that help you quickly master the art of electric skateboarding.

The gyro drive system also includes sensors that enable it to disengage and engage as needed for more balancing control.

Its large 15cm tire also has the ability to handle any terrain, so there’s virtually no limit to where you can ride.

Hovers Skateboard 1 Wheel Longboard

The Hovers Skateboard 1 Wheel Longboard is also considered one of the best-built e-skateboards on the market for its quality materials, tough wheel, and sturdy grip.

It’s also one of the only models that resemble a traditional skateboard, and it also includes an exclusive protection design.

The board is also safety tested and certified for great handling and low carbon emissions, so you can ride with less worry.

It also features a new and improved motherboard, an intelligent sensor, and overcharge protection during high speeds.

What Kind of Features are We Looking for in Electric Boards With One Wheel?

When looking for the best electric skateboard with one wheel, we wanted to find boards that were not only affordable but also had great features like high speeds, long ranges, and great designs.

We also wanted boards that were easy to ride and offered great stability, so anyone could enjoy them.

Quality Build

Choosing an electric board produced by a reputable brand helps ensure a quality build product that will last longer and be able to go the heights with you wherever you go.

However, it should also still be lightweight enough to carry easily.

It should also include a UL 2272 certificate to ensure your safety.

Engine Power/Speed

The Onewheel’s engine power ultimately determines its speed. So it is also important to consider the motor and power type for the unit to ensure it matches your needs.

As a general rule, you want to choose one that is high-powered and quiet to ensure a comfortable ride, especially when traveling long distances.


The one wheel electric board also includes a rechargeable battery, which determines its range or how far it will go before it needs to be recharged.

Therefore, you want to ensure its battery range also matches your needs.

Weight Capacity

Your chosen e-skateboard should also be sturdy enough to support your weight. So check its weight limit so you know it can accommodate your stature.


A quality electric board also usually includes a brand warranty and stellar customer service to show that they value you as a customer and stand by their product.

Additional Features

Some electric boards also include additional features, like LED lights that brighten your path when riding at night, different riding modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and more for added value.

So simply choose one that also includes the features you require for more bang for your buck.

Why is the Onewheel (FutureMotion) So Expensive?


The Onewheel by Future Motion is the first product of its kind to be introduced onto the scene, so, quite naturally, it has racked up its share of costs from research to development, which, in turn, plays a role in the final price of the product.

Its unique technology and design are also patented so that they cannot be imitated by other brands attempting to make an inferior copy, which means there are also legal expenses involved as part of the cost.

Furthermore, the skateboard itself is made of durable, long-lasting materials, includes various high-tech features, and provides a smooth ride, which many fans agree makes it a far more superior product and worth the price.

Onewheel Pint vs XR – Which Fits Me Better?

Both the Onewheel Pint and the Onewheel+XR are produced by Future Motion, which means they are each made with the same superior quality and customer service the company is known for.

However, the Onewheel Pint is the latest model to be produced, and it was designed to be more of a new and improved junior version of the +XR.

It features smaller, rounder tires, a unibody aluminum frame, and the MagHandle, in addition to new technological components like SimpleStop and a lightbar indicator in the front footpad, which also enables you to see the battery level.

Because of its reduced size, it also boasts a smaller footprint than all other Future Motion previous models and is cheaper than the +X at just $950. Though it still offers a similar ride to the +XR but at a lower top speed of only 16 mph and a shorter range of 6 to 8 miles.

Therefore, the Onewheel Pint is a good fit for anyone looking for a budget-friendly entry into Onewheels or short-distance electric board commuters.

Meanwhile, The Onewheel +XR is well-constructed, boasts aluminum rails, and has selective waterproofing, which means it’s reliable even in the roughest environments. In fact, it’s known to last for many years with no issues, provided it is properly maintained.

It also boasts a 12 to 18-mile range and a maximum speed of about 19 mph and includes added features, such as different riding modes, built-in LED lights on both ends, and an official app.

However, it costs more at $1,000, so it is the best fit for those who value durability and performance.

Otherwise, if you still want a quality one wheel electric skateboard but don’t want to spend over $1,000, then the Onewheel Pint may be a better fit.


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