5 Best Electric Motorcycles Under $5000

5 Best Electric Motorcycles Under $5000

Are you looking for an electric motorcycle that won’t break the bank?

Electric motorcycles are becoming popular for a variety of reasons. They’re environmentally friendly, they’re cheaper to operate than gas-powered motorcycles, and they’re just plain fun to ride.

If you’re in the market for an electric motorcycle, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, we’ve got good news for you. There are a number of great electric motorcycles that can be had for less than $5,000.

In this Guide:

Ultraviolette F-77
source: ultraviolette.com

Ultraviolette F-77

The Ultraviolette F-77 features a stunning steel trellis frame with an aluminum bulkhead complete with the latest engineering innovations that promise to totally transform the future of electric motorcycles, including a magnetic AC motor capable of a max power output of 25,000 watts and a top speed of 147 km/h.

It also has an unmatched acceleration of 0-60 km/h in 2.9 seconds, while the rear 12mm piston with adjustable preload spring and gas-charged preload adjustable shock absorber ensures a levitating drift.

Meanwhile, the hydraulic brake system with dual-channel Anti Lock Brake System ensures safe stopping with no worries.

It also features an LED headlight with Ultra-V position light, Dual LED taillights with central LED brake light, and front turn signal LED life added safety and an extra cool look when riding on your Laser, Shadow, or Airstrike with glass hot red R suspension colored bike at night.

There are also smart features, including a fall and crash sensor and emergency contact alert for added confidence while you ride. And the intelligent interfacing enables riders to customize their performance, analyze their riding, receive remote diagnostics for preventative maintenance, and more.

It also includes a high efficiency and power-dense 550A 3 phase AC controller for the motor, which has 3 different drive modes, including eco mode, sport mode, and insane mode.

The 4.2 kWh portable battery can also be charged no matter where you are for a standard 5 hours or 1.5 hours fast.

It also features a proprietary patented battery safety system and an Ultra-High Brightness Automotive TFT LCD dashboard that you can also change themes to suit your preferences.

And if that wasn’t enough, the power-packed motorcycle is also energy efficient for the future.

KM 4000
source: zigwheels.com

KM 4000

The Kabira Mobility KM 4000 is powered by an 8kW 5000-watt hub motor that enables it to reach a top speed of 120kmph and an acceleration of 0-40kmph in 3.1 seconds.

It is also coupled with a 4.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack that powers the bike for up to 150km and provides a battery charge time of 6 hours and 3 minutes.

Users can also choose from eco mode, city mode, and sports mode for their own level of fun; however, your chosen mode will also affect the battery’s mile range.

The bike also features Mono shock and telescopic suspension that provides 200mm ground clearance for a smooth ride, while twin front brake discs and one rear disc brake provide superior stopping power.

It also features tubeless alloy tires for added puncture resistance when off-roading.

Meanwhile, the LED taillights and turn signal lamp help ensure you remain visual at night.

X Metacycle Sondors
source: sondorsx.com

X Metacycle Sondors

The X Metacycle Sondors prides itself as the purest form of electric motorcycle with a unique, sleek, one-piece cast aluminum frame that not only lends to its seamless eye-catching design but also offers a much sturdier build.

It also features a sculpted, ergonomic 65mm thick saddle made of layers of variable density foam for maximum comfort as you ride in style.

The adjustable suspension allows for a comfortable ride while traveling up to its top speed of 80mph, and the 4 kWh lithium-ion battery powers the bike up to 80 miles per charge.

It also features hand-calculated hydraulic brakes in the rear and front for superior braking, Kenda tires for a smooth ride across all terrains, a reverse gear for effortless parking, and a digital full-color display for tracking your driving stats.

However, probably the greatest benefit is the PMAC hub motor requires no shifting or clutching for trouble free-operation, so anyone can ride it. It’s also noise-free, fume-free, and vibration-free for a more sophisticated experience.

It also includes a compact charger that allows you to carry it with you for a fast and complete charge anywhere a standard U.S. home outlet is available.

Denzel Electric Eraser
source: indiegogo.com

Denzel Electric Eraser

The Denzel Electric Eraser bike features a high metro style with modern technology that makes it both reliable and a cinch to operate.

It’s also easy to repair or change the motor, controller, battery, or any other part, making it a more suitable choice for the more hands-on rider.

You can also swap out the motor for one of various electric motors based on the task and your preferences.

It also includes a display that enables you to read the battery current, odometer, trip, speed, voltage, turn lights, charging, headlamp, brake, and more.

The standard 72V 50Ah battery is also Bluetooth compatible, and it also includes a controller Deco that enables you to adjust many parameters yourself.

Users also benefit from a water-proof onboard charger, thus eliminating the need to travel with a portable charger.

You can also choose between a black/red, black/blue, or black bike to suit your taste.

Monday Motorbikes Gen7
source: e-scooter.co

Monday Motorbikes Gen7

The Monday Motorbikes Gen7 is an electric moped that has a 750-watt motor and a top speed of 45mph, which makes it a more modest electric motorcycle for adults up to 170 pounds.

It is also produced by an award-winning team of experienced, eco-friendly motorcyclists for a more trustworthy product.

Users can also have the bike customized for the factory for a more personalized ride.

In the meantime, the Gen 7’s main feature includes a regenerative braking system, which enables energy from braking to return to the battery for prolonged power.

The battery itself is a lithium battery with a 31.2 Ah capacity, which is well capable of powering the bike a range of 100 miles.

It is also removable and has a charge time of 4 to 5 hours.

Riders can also track their stats via the digital dashboard, and it also includes USB charge ports for mobile phones and an RFID key.

Best Option in Budget

Though each e-motorcycle mentioned is under $5,000, for a cheap electric motorcycle, the 2020mm long, 740mm wide, 1280mm tall Kabira Mobility Km 4000’s price of $1,832 makes it the best choice.

Meanwhile, the Ultraviolet F-77, with its seat height of 800mm, 1340mm wheelbase, and 89mm trail, has an estimated launch price of $4,000, and the Monday Motorbike’s Gen7, with its 46″ wheelbase, 27″ seat height, and 32″ long handles has a price of $4,50, make them the second best option in budget for those who find more value in sophistication and quality.

However, the 300-pound Sondors Metacycle X, with its 52″ wheelbase and 31″ seat height, and the 187 pound Denzel Eraser, with its 140/70-17 wheels and tires, make the most expensive choices at $5,000 and $4,500, respectively, so they may be for the more serious rider who doesn’t mind paying the price.


In the end, what makes for the best electric motorbike under %5,000 all comes down to what features you value in a bike, which makes it worth the price.

For the best value, you may also consider the bike’s size in relation to its features, which will also give you more bang for your buck, unless a smaller bike that is easier to maneuver and cut corners is what you desire. They also take up less space, so they are easier to store.

However, whichever e-bike you choose, you still need to consider its height and seat height and width to ensure it is the right fit for you.

Some electric motorbikes can also be quite heavy, so you want to also be sure the bike’s weight is something you can handle to prevent tipping over when not in motion.

Considering it is such an expensive investment, you should be sure it also includes a warranty to protect against defects.


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